Integrated Fire & Security Solutions

MFS Systems offers advanced Integrated Security Solutions to help you better manage your businesses Fire and Security needs. Our highly skilled technicians, engineers and design team offer a wide array of intelligent systems that integrate your Enterprise Fire and Security System into a cohesive managed system.

Fire and Security Integration

Fire and security system Integration is one of the most common applications for an integration. This is becoming common place in the implemention of home and small businesses fire and security systems with the fire alarms always taking the highest priority – even if the other system operates first. The only exception to this is with mass notification systems. Those signals may take a higher priority in certain situations.

Fire/Paging/Intercom Systems

Integrating fire alarm systems with non-emergency solutions such as fire alarm speakers being utilized for non-emergency purposes under certain conditions. One of the most common applications is to allow the fire alarm voice communications systems to be used for paging and background music.

Access Control and Video Surveillance

Many business have realized the value of integrating their Video Surveillance Systems with the Access Control System. By combining recorded and live video with the reporting of the access control system customers have a complete forensic documentation of the security of the buildings.

Connecting it all

With the advancement of networks and Internet connectivity and the continuation of standards in the Fire and Security Industry, integration of systems over high speed reliable networks makes communication a possibility not only for the Enterprise Customer but also smaller businesses.


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Integrated Systems

  • Access Control
  • Asset Tracking
  • Fire & Life Safety
  • Installation & Maintenance
  • Integration Solutions
  • Intrusion
  • Loss Prevention
  • Monitoring Options
  • Professional Services
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